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Please ensure you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions before proceeding with the survey.

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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are entered into between you and Future Charging Solutions Limited, a company registered in the United Kingdom with Registration Number 12580936 and registered office at Unit 7 Idas Industrial Estate, Pontefract Road, Leeds, England, LS10 1SP, referred to in these Terms and Conditions as FCS. These Terms and Conditions set out the obligations between the parties and the terms herein shall prevail over any marketing material or other representation made by or on behalf of FCS whether electronic written or oral in nature.


These terms apply to you whether you order an install for yourself or on behalf of one or more other people (such as a relative, employee or contractor). Where these terms refer to ‘you’ this means the person or organisation on whose behalf the order is made, whether or not you are the person receiving the service.


FCS reserves the right at its sole discretion to decline to accept any order for installation or service they provide. If your order is accepted, but it subsequently transpires (at FCSs sole discretion) that the install is not appropriate for you, FCS shall be entitled to cancel the order at any time (subject to a refund of fees already paid by you, unless cancellation is because of your misconduct or non-compliance with any of the Terms and Conditions herein or failure to adhere, at the sole discretion of FCS)

Upon order for any service, you agree to pay for the service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This is subject (if applicable) to any right of cancellation you may have by law to cancel the order. The date of the agreement shall be the date in which you make the deposit payment to us, and you receive confirmation of this with a receipt either by post or email which will constitute FCS acknowledgment of your order. You should read the acknowledgement details carefully as it includes many of the obligations of both parties and any errors or omissions should be notified to us within 3 working days of the date of the receipt. Should you not notify us of any issue within the time period set out above we will assume that all of the details are correct.

It is your responsibility to provide the correct details for the installation at the time of order. You should carefully read any details we send to you and site survey form. Should you need to amend any of the details once the Initial order has been made, you will be responsible for any extra administration fees that we incur on your behalf. FCS cannot be held responsible for any act or omission contained in the order details and it in no way accepts liability for any certificate or building regulations notification subsequently issued with incorrect details following your completion of the Order.

What is included in a standard installation package?

The fitting of your chosen ChargePoint on a brick or plaster wall along with fitting and testing all electrical connections and required protections.

Cable will be routed between your distribution board or electricity supply meter and the ChargePoint. We provide up to 10 metres of 6mm power cable which we neatly attach to the wall.

If required cable will be routed through a drilled hole in a wall up to 50cm thick.

We conceal interior wiring with up to 5 metres of plastic conduit.

An earthing electrode will be installed in the vicinity of the ChargePoint if required.

All installations are completed by fully qualified installers in compliance with BS 7671.2018 and IET code of practice for Electric Vehicle charging equipment.

Prior to install, we will advise on anything that could prevent us from completing the install. This would include such things as ensuring all electrical connections and protections are available and that no civil works, other electrical work, or any other trades are required prior to installation. We will advise to this.

Are there any conditions or limitations that I should be aware of?

As part of a standard installation, we do not trench any of the cabling underground. If this is something that is required, then please speak with us first as we may be able to provide you with a quote for this kind of work.

The ChargePoint will be installed in your designated off-street parking area.

The ChargePoint will be installed at a height where it cannot be hit by a vehicle.

If the cable has to be run through ceiling voids or underneath floorboards, please speak with us first so that we can quote and discuss what will be required from you.

The safety of our installation team is of utmost importance therefore they will not be able to work in loft or crawl spaces or on roofs particularly if they themselves believe it to be unsafe.

Jobs will be postponed in cases of extreme weather.

Is there anything else that I should know?

If your installation requires any preliminary work for example isolation switches, water/gas bonding fitting or any electrical upgrades then we will discuss and quote for this prior to your install.

Prior to our installer arriving at your property please can you ensure that the area around your distribution board and electricity supply meter is clear and accessible. The same applies for the area where the cable will be routed.

Some ChargePoints now come with a smart feature, if you have opted for a smart ChargePoint then please make sure that you have your WiFi password available so that your installer can connect your ChargePoint to the Internet. Some ChargePoints also require a hard-wired data connection too.

If you need to rearrange your appointment, then we are happy to reschedule it for you however we ask that you provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice.

On the day…

Your installer will arrive at the scheduled time, if we experience any issues such as traffic, etc. then we will contact you to let you know. Please make us aware as early as possible of any availability issues that you yourself may have.

We ask that you are available for the full period of the install as our installer will confirm in person with you the location of the ChargePoint and the route of the cable, etc.

Safety checks will be performed before any work is undertaken

Once the installation is complete your installer will test the ChargePoint for you and give you a demonstration of how it works and its features.


All deposits are to be paid at the time of Order.

No Order will be confirmed until FCS has received payment of the Deposit fee made by either you or on your behalf and acknowledgment has been received from FCS by you.

This Deposit fee to reserve the installation.

All fees (the balance of the total amount due less any deposit received) is to be received and cleared funds in the bank of FCS no less than 7 days after the installation has been completed.

All amounts are expressed as EXCLUSIVE of VAT unless otherwise stated.

Payment can be made either in person or by telephone by any of the following methods:

Credit / Debit Cards or BACS Transfer

All information entered on the FCS website is covered within the terms of our Privacy policy details of which are available upon request or by clicking the link on the website.

FCS will by prior arrangement accept payment by cheque provided that the payment is cleared within 7 days of the install date. If your payment is subsequently declined after being banked by FCS, we reserve the right to charge £25 to cover our Banking Charges incurred.


FCS may terminate this agreement at any time, without notice and at their sole discretion, if you fail to make payment of any obligation due under the Terms of this agreement. FCS will immediately seek recovery of all sums due under the Terms of this agreement. should this matter be referred to a collection agency or a solicitor then you will be liable for all costs incurred. Should FCS cancel your agreement due to non-payment, we will not be liable to provide a refund of any sums already paid.


Any Order made via the Internet or telephone is considered by Law to be a Contract at Distance and as such is governed by the Consumer Contracts [Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges] Regulations 2013 [Distance Selling Regulations]

The Regulations provide you 14 Days (starting the day after you entered the agreement) to cancel the contract (the ‘Cooling Off Period’) unless the installation date you have booked starts within that 14 day ‘Cooling Off Period.’

Any order that commences within the 14 day ‘Cooling Off Period’ means that the Regulations will not apply, and you will therefore be giving up your right to cancel. Any money paid will therefore not be capable of refund.

Cancelling an install inside the ‘Cooling Off Period’. You acknowledge and consent to the fact that in these circumstances you consent to the commencement of our services [being the arrangement and Order of the install for you] within the ‘Cooling Off Period’ pursuant to the Regulations.

In these circumstances should you decide to cancel the booked installation within the 14 day ‘Cooling Off Period’ you will be charged a fee to cover the costs related to that Order which have already been incurred. The fees are as follows:

Cancellation of your order incurs a £25 admin fee however cancellation of your order within 5 days of an installation appointment will result in you losing your full deposit.

All cancellations must be in writing or by phone. We do not accept missed calls or voicemails as cancellations.

Trade and Commercial Orders (i.e; Orders made by a business rather than by Individual consumers) will be deemed to amount to a Business to Business transaction in respect of which the Regulations will not apply. You will therefore be liable to pay the full installation fee if you cancel before the date of the installation.


Booked Installs with less than 48hrs notice are transferable but a fee equivalent to the deposit will be charged. FCS will not reimburse any fees paid under the terms of this agreement if you fail to give the installer access to the site on the day of installation.

Extreme weather conditions: – In the event of extreme weather conditions FCS will ensure that we are able to provide a full service by using a number of contingencies. We expect that all customers plan ahead to ensure that they are able to attend the install on the relevant dates.

If you are unable to give access to the site due to extreme weather conditions or public transport disruption and/or cancellation. FCS will not be deemed liable. Refunds will not be issued, and FCS will not be obligated to offer any alternative install dates.

Should you be unable to attend the site installation address for any reason of illness or accident then provided that we receive satisfactory documentary evidence from a suitably qualified doctor then we will arrange for you to have an alternative install date.

FCS will at its absolute discretion consider each such event on its merits and should the circumstances be considered exceptional in the view of FCS, then it may review each such case and take such action as it shall deem appropriate.

Where FCS has given you requirements for a site to be cleared or other clear instructions prior to the installation date. FCS reserve the right to cancel the install date if these have not been completed on the installation date. Where this happens due to the nature of FCS business a cancellation fee equivalent to a cancellation fee (that being equal to the deposit paid) will be payable.

DATA Protection

Any telephone calls may be recorded by FCS for administrative or training purposes (which you consent to). By marking the relevant box on any FCS document, you agree that, FCS may use your personal data for administrative purposes and may keep this information for a reasonable period and you give your consent to FCS doing so. FCS may contact you by email, postal mail, or telephone to let you know about any products or promotions which might be of interest to you. Subsequently if you do not wish to receive such emails, postal mails, SMS or telephone communications, please email us at  stating that you wish to opt-out from such communications.


FCS agrees to provide you with all certification, and regulatory documents after the completed install.

At the point at which you book your installation with FCS we will write to you either by post or email with details of the installation date, and any requirements that you will need to address prior to the installation date and where appropriate and a copy of our Terms and Conditions. The address where the installation will be carried out is always the address stated on the survey form.

FCS shall not be held liable for any failure in performance of any of the terms and obligations under this agreement caused by factors which are outside its control.

If for any reason any of these terms or part of any one of these terms is found by a court of law to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, then that term or part of that term shall be amended to the minimum extent necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable and the remaining terms and (if applicable) part of term shall remain in full force notwithstanding the amendment made.

These Terms and Conditions (including any associated non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to English law and any disputes arising under or in connection with these terms and conditions, if not capable of resolution between the parties, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


All complaints must be reported to FCS at the earliest possible opportunity. All complaints will be handled in a professional and timely manner. We will use our best endeavours to liaise with you in reaching a satisfactory conclusion of your complaint. All matters brought to our attention help us to ensure that each customer has the best experience when ordering from us.


Subject there to, FCS shall have no liability whatsoever to any person for any loss or damage or expense, however occurring or incurred, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the installation.

FCS Liability in any event, except for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence, or for its own fraud (or that of its employees) shall at all times be limited to the fees paid by you for the installation or service received.

FCS contact details are as follows


 0113 2712255


Postal Address:

Future Charging Solutions Ltd, 7 Idas Industrial Estate, Pontefract Road, Leeds, LS10 1SP