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Bi-Directional V2G Storage


Bi-Directional V2G Storage


Power Your Home with the Future: Introducing Wallbox Quasar 2

Future Charging Solutions Ltd is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Wallbox Quasar 2, the cutting-edge bi-directional charger that’s revolutionizing how we think about energy. As the newest addition to our sustainable energy solutions, Quasar 2 promises not just to charge your electric vehicle but to become an integral part of your home energy system.

Bi-Directional Charging: A Leap into the Future

Quasar 2 is not your average EV charger; it’s a gateway to energy independence. With its bi-directional DC charging capability, it allows you to draw energy from your car’s battery and supply it back to your home or the grid. Imagine a power outage where you’re left in the dark—Quasar 2 ensures that your lights stay on, keeping your home powered for over three days without external electricity.

Unmatched Electrical Specifications

  • Charger Type: Direct Current (DC)
  • Rated Power: A robust 11.5 KW (48 A)
  • Connector Type: Combined Charging System (CCS)
  • Target Efficiency: An impressive 97%

Built to Last

Quasar 2 is designed to withstand the elements, with an operating temperature range from -30ºC to 50ºC and a storage temperature from -30ºc to 70ºC. Its NEMA 3R protection rating ensures it’s ready for any weather, and with dimensions of 703.5 mm x 338 mm x 127 mm and a weight of 20kg, it’s both compact and durable.

Seamless User Experience

Stay connected with multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G. Manage your Quasar 2 effortlessly through the Wallbox App, and enjoy seamless identification via the app or RFID. The charger communicates fluently with myWallbox and OCPP protocols, ensuring a smooth operation.

Join the Charging Revolution

At Future Charging Solutions Ltd, we’re committed to providing innovative charging solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. With Quasar 2 installations now available, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

For more information or to schedule an installation, contact us at or call 01132 712255. Embrace the future of home energy with Future Charging Solutions Ltd and Wallbox Quasar 2.

Click Here For The Full Quasar 2 Specification

Bi-Directional Storage Experts

Advanced bi-directional storage is quickly becoming an alternative to solar panels. Bi-directional storage can play a significant role in modern energy systems and electric vehicle chargepoints.

They enable you to store your excess power, for example, if you have a solar energy system you can use them to store power beyond what you’re able to use at the time. They give you control over your excess power. Meaning you have the option of using your own (generated) power at a later date instead of selling it back to the grid.

Bi-directional systems, in simple terms, give you much more control over when you use the power that you generate.

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