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ChargePoint Installation Information / Terms & Conditions

A warm welcome to our ChargePoint Installation page. On this page, we aim to inform you of what to expect during the installation of your ChargePoint.

What is included in a standard installation package?

  • The fitting of your chosen ChargePoint on a brick or plaster wall along with fitting and testing all electrical connections and required protections.
  • Cable will be routed between your distribution board or electricity supply meter and the ChargePoint. We provide up to 15 metres of 6mm power cable which we neatly attach to the wall.
  • If required cable will be routed through a drilled hole in a wall up to 50cm thick.
  • We conceal interior wiring with up to 5 metres of plastic conduit.
  • An earthing electrode will be installed in the vicinity of the ChargePoint.
  • All installations are completed by fully qualified installers in compliance with BS 7671.2018 and IET code of practice for Electric Vehicle charging equipment.
  • Prior to install, we will advise on anything that could prevent us from completing the install. This would include such things as ensuring all electrical connections and protections are available and that no civil works, other electrical work or any other trades are required prior to installation. We will advise to this

Are there any conditions or limitations that I should be aware of?

  • As part of a standard installation, we do not trench any of the cabling underground. If this is something that is required then please speak with us first as we may be able to provide you with a quote for this kind of work.
  • The ChargePoint will be installed in your designated off-street parking area. 
  • The ChargePoint will be installed at a height where it cannot be hit by a vehicle.
  • If the cable has to be run through ceiling voids or underneath floorboards please speak with us first so that we can quote and discuss what will be required from you.
  • The safety of our installation team is of utmost importance therefore they will not be able to work in loft or crawl spaces or on roofs particularly if they themselves believe it to be unsafe.
  • Jobs will be postponed in cases of extreme weather.

Is there anything else that I should know?

  • If your installation requires any preliminary work for example isolation switches, water/gas bonding fitting or any electrical upgrades then we will discuss and quote for this prior to your install.
  • Prior to our installer arriving at your property please can you ensure that the area around your distribution board and electricity supply meter is clear and accessible. The same applies for the area where the cable will be routed.
  • Some ChargePoints now come with a smart feature, if you have opted for a smart ChargePoint then please make sure that you have your WiFi password available so that your installer can connect your ChargePoint to the Internet. Some ChargePoints also require a hard-wired data connection too.
  • If you need to rearrange your appointment then we are happy to reschedule it for you however we ask that you provide us with at least 48 hours notice.

On the day...

  • Your installer will arrive at the scheduled time, if we experience any issues such as traffic, etc. then we will contact you to let you know. Please make us aware as early as possible of any availability issues that you yourself may have.
  • We ask that you are available for the full period of the install as our installer will confirm in person with you the location of the ChargePoint and the route of the cable, etc.
  • Safety checks will be performed before any work is undertaken
  • Once the installation is complete your installer will test the ChargePoint for you and give you a demonstration of how it works and its features.